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Teagan White ON TUMBLR
Harbours & Gambits
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Marilyn Monroe in a publicity photo for Niagara (1953)
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Researchers Discover Dozens of Lost Warhol Artworks on Floppy Disks! more here:
(art: Andy Warhol, Andy2, 1985, ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visuals Arts, Inc., courtesy of The Andy Warhol Museum) 
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New Banksy? Mural near GCHQ depicts agents listening in on phone box
The guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy is believed to be behind an artwork which has appeared on the side of a house in Cheltenham. More photos
Photograph: Jules Annan/Barcroft Media
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Koi on Flickr.
A Koi and a Lilly in a pond in Okayama, Japan.
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